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DNA: Maharashtra: Portal to offer case info on realty soon

Builders hoping to make a quick buck by cheating the homebuyer, beware! The registration office will soon allow a homebuyer registering a property to not only know its history including ownership and mortgage details, but also details of any related cases that might be going on in revenue courts.

Housing experts have welcomed the move of making more information available to the customer. And while some say this will help homebuyers a lot, others are of the opinion that the portal should also have a mechanism to offer a remedy in case a homebuyer finds that the seller has indulged in dubious acts.

Inspector General of Registration and Stamps, Anil Kawade, confirmed the details. “We already have some options available at our website for property registration. Now our aim is to have access to e-DISNIC content directly on i-SARITA website where properties are registered.”

e-DISNIC portal allows one to monitor the status of various property cases under way at the collector’s, sub-divisional and taluka offices. The website, which also enables one to view hearing dates and final case judgments, will be linked to i-SARITA site, where properties are registered across the state.

“We expect to start the service within a month. e-DISNIC has details of cases regarding properties in revenue courts. We also want to display details of civil court cases pertaining to the properties, but for that further permissions are required,” Kawade said.

Advocate Vinod Sampat, a housing expert, said the move will safeguard homebuyers’ interests:

“This will mean that at one click, a homebuyer, during registration of property, will have all the details including ongoing cases and judgments. So they will know if the builder is creating third-party rights and so on. Implementing this move will also mean that the number of property cases will reduce.”


Advocate Shirish Deshpande, chairman of Mumbai Grahak Panchayat, said a homebuyer would anyway get such details at MahaRERA website.

While the move is positive, he said a homebuyer has already partly paid for the property at the time of registration. So there should be some remedy available to them if they come to know of any wrongdoing on seller’s part.