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DNA: MHADA lottery: MP, MLA quota can result in 171 vacant homes.

DNA: Mumbai: Over 10% of 9,018 MHADA homes without takers.



Over 10 per cent out of the total 9,018 homes in MHADA lottery, do not have takers. MHADA’s Konkan Board will be holding the lottery on August 25 at its headquarters in Bandra’s Kalanagar. This is the biggest number of homes in any lottery that have no takers, but this also is the biggest lottery. The maximum number of less applications have been for the homes under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna where for few categories there have been zero applications. Officials say that to apply for PMAY homes, the applicants should have been registered under PMAY which many hadn’t. This in spite of the government and MHADA carrying out various surveys asking people to register.

For example for the PMAY homes at Shirdon Kalyan, in the ST category for 114 homes hardly 28 people applied. For 38 homes in the MP/MLA category there were zero applications, the number was same for MHADA employees where also there were 38 homes on offer. Only 25 applications were received for 95 homes in the same scheme for the State government employees. While only six applications under the artist quota was received here for 38 homes.

In another scheme, at Kalyan itself, for 122 homes in ST category only 43 people applied, the number was zero for MP/MLA, where there were 40 homes reserved for them. The number of application received under the ex servicemen category was 15 for a total of 102 homes. The figure was further less for artists quota where the number of homes stood at 41 while only eight had applied. A senior MHADA official said, “For anyone to apply for the MHADA homes under PMAY, they had to be first registered with the PMAY scheme, which many hadn’t and thus the number was less. MHADA had carried out specific survey and had even run campaign for registering people under the scheme but still this is the condition.”

The number was less even in Virar Bolinj, for 223 homes under the ST category there were hardly close to 70 applicants. In the MHADA employees category over here, there were 75 homes on offer, but only one person applied and for 74 homes on offer in the MP/MLA category the number of application was also 1. There were zero applicants for the homes in the freedom fighter category where 93 homes were put on sale.

However, the number was very good in Thane’s Balkum where for two homes in artist category more than a dozen had applied. The official said, “Those homes that do not have a taker will be put in the future lottery.”