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DNA: Three way match to raise Sandhurst Road wall lands ball in collector’s court

The fate of a retaining wall at Sandhurst Road, a part of which had collapsed last week, is now in the hands of the city collector’s office. According to senior officials from MHADA’s repair board, a letter was sent to the collector asking him to sanction funds to carry out the required piling work near the wall.

The collector, SR Jondhale, confirmed the receipt of the letter and said the district planning committee would take the final call.

On Monday, local MLA Amin Patel, MHADA repair board CEO DK Jagdale, senior divisional railway officials and senior BMC officials met at Jagdale’s office to discuss the construction of the retaining wall.

According to MLA Patel, the railways said at the meet that it was ready to construct the wall but other work like piling was not in its purview. “MHADA said it can repair dangerous buildings but cannot spend funds beyond that. BMC said the wall is not its jurisdiction. The condition of the wall is bad and everyone has come to the conclusion that repair funds up to Rs 2 crore be taken from the District Planning Committee of the collector’s office.”

Jagdale said, “I have written to the collector about this.”

“I received the letter today,” Jondhale said, “and the committee will decide on it. Funds have been sought for piling work as the railways is constructing the retaining wall but its piling is outside the railway premises.”

The railways said it is ready to construct the wall but needs the buildings to be vacated. Sunil Udasi, chief public relations officer, Central Railway, said, “We had jointly inspected the wall site with MHADA. These buildings are on a hillock and are in a precarious condition. We have asked them to evacuate the residents and demolish it so we can construct the wall. We have also positioned a watchman there. We are running trains at as slow as 20 km an hour on this stretch.”


BMC’s said the wall’s not in its jurisdiction; MHADA’s said it doesn’t have funds to repair the wall; railways said it can build the wall but won’t do piling work needed for it.

MHADA has thus written to the collector, seeking funds for piling.