Aims and Objectives

NAREDCO functions as Development & Promotion Council for housing & real estate sector in India. Its main objectives are:

To promote excellence and high standards of operations based on just and equitable principles in transactions relating to various operations of real estate business including building, construction and marketing.

To evolve criteria of real estate and construction industry and its various allied operations and to formulate a Code of Ethics for observance by all real estate developers, builders and marketing operators and to evolve a suitable ombudsman mechanism for investigating departures. there from

Rating of developers and their projects through CRISIL/ ICRA supported by NAREDCO-NHB rating mechanism.

Establishment of data bank, which will collect and circulate information on all matters connected with the real estate sector.

To set up a National Institute of Real Estate Development (NIRED) as a center for studies, research, training and certification.

To promote, encourage, facilitate and assist the establishment of state bodies of NAREDCO in various parts of the country, REDCOs.

Promotion and encouragement of co-operation among all enterprises dealing with and engaged in various aspects of real estate development.

Participation in the formulation of national policies and agenda for real estate development and fiscal reforms.

To organize meetings, symposia, workshops, seminars and conferences on issues relating to real estate, building construction and allied activities.

To identify and strengthen industry's role in the economic development of the country.

To act as a catalyst in bringing about the growth and development of Indian Real Estate Industry.

To create awareness and support industry's efforts on quality, environment and consumer protection.